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.JOBS Domain Setup

If your company owns a .jobs top-level domain (TLD), then think about using this domain for hosting your microsite.

Domain Servers Setup

The preferred setup is for .jobs domains to set the name servers for your domain to the following:

If you choose not to delegate the name servers for your .JOBS domain, then you will need to enter both subdomain and root domain records. Here is an example DNS entry with www as the subdomain and as the root domain. IN CNAME IN A

Non .JOBS Domain Setup


If you are using a non .JOBS domain you can use an alias, or canonical name, abbreviated CNAME. This should be added to the Domain Name Server (DNS) file for your root domain.

Here is an example DNS entry for adding the subdomain jobs. IN CNAME

The above line tells a web browser to get the IP address for jobs.example.comfrom the domain.jobsDNS record. This alias allows DirectEmployers to host your microsite, and is a standard method for companies to host third-party services - like blogs and RSS feeds - using their branded domain.

Your company has the ultimate ownership and control over where your hostname points, since your network administrator can change this DNS record at anytime to point to another service provider or internal server. Using a hostname based on your root domain should generate the fastest SEO ranking growth, and endear trust to the end-user who sees the hostname on a search engine results page.

If the jobs subdomain is already in use, then think about using another popular search phrase, like jobsearch. IN CNAME


If the heading of this page is displaying your hostname instead of, then your DNS is setup correctly.